Visa to Schengen

Consular Services Asia™ assists with visa to Schengen for Thai nationals, but also to Australia and the rest of Europe.

Our firm has actual assisted with numerous of visa to Schengen, Australia and most of Europe, mainly United Kingdom (England), Denmark (including Greenland and the Faroe Islands), Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Poland, France, Germany, Greece, Netherland (Holland), Italy, Portugal, Spain, and Switzerland (Swiss).


Our clients have various reasons for using our service for visa to Schengen and Australie from Thailand. Some are telling that they are too busy, and other are telling that it is too complicated. Sometimes it is complicated, but mostly it is just a bit troublesome with a visa to Schengen from Thailand.

Usual visa to Schengen for a Thai

Visa to EuropeMostly, our clients need a visa to Schengen or Australia from Thailand such as:

  • green card visa
  • visa for family reunion
  • tourist visa for a vacation
  • au-pair visa for Scandinavia
  • business visa for meetings or training
  • visitor visa for EU/EEA family members
  • visitor visa to Schengen for a spouse, a child or a parent
  • visitor visa to Scengen for a boyfriend or a girlfriend
  • etc.

How we work with visa to Europe from Thailand

  1. Initial, we need to evaluate the case because some cases are not possible.
  2. If we accept the case, we need our fee for assisting with visa to Schengen.
  3. First, we will collect the needed documents from the foreign part.
  4. Second, we will collect the needed document from the visa applicant, and we will prepare the visa application for visa to Schengen or Australia from Thailand.
  5. Third, the visa applicant need to come to our office for approval of the documents and for making the necessary signatures. Normally, we will escort the visa applicant to the relevant embassy or application center in Bangkok at the same day.
  6. When the passport is ready for collection, and hopeful the visa to Schengen or Australia, we will take care of that (if needed).
  7. Upon request, it is also possible to ask for escort to the airport and help with check in (for an additional fee).

Please provide as many information in the initial email to our office, such as the exactly destination (Schengen or Europe is not a destination/country). The nationality of the Thai based part (if not a Thai national). The exactly reason for the trip (vacation is not a valid reason, if it is a private visit; and visit a friend is not an exactly reason, if the friend is a boyfriend/girlfriend). And do not forget to inform, if there are some special issues regarding a visa to Schengen.

A bit more about visa and our service


Our service is to assist with the visa application. We are however not associated with any governmental authority such as an embassy or a consulate, but we are a private consulting firm. Thus, we do not sell or provide visas, and, like any embassy, we cannot guarantee a visa. Our fee does not include any fee to the embassy (and visa center), travel insurance and flight ticket.

Our fee for help with visa to Schengen or Australia from Thailand includes services such as:

  • Assistance with the invitation letter in case of e.g. a business or visitor visa to Schengen
  • Advice about eventual missing papers as e.g. passport etc.
  • Translation of relevant thai documents for the visa to Schengen
  • Necessary photos and photocopies
  • Filling in the application form for visa to Schengen or Australia according to your information
  • Coordinating and reservation of air ticket, if needed
  • Coordinating and issuing of travel insurance, if needed (cost of insurance is not included)
  • Evaluation and making the application for visa to Schengen ready
  • Making an appointment at the visa center/embassy i Bangkok, if required
  • Escort to the visa center/embassy in Bangkok to deliver the application for visa to Schengen
  • Picking up the passport at the visa center/embassy, if needed
  • Issuing of air ticket (cost of ticket is not included)
  • For an extra fee, transfer to the airport and assistance with check in
  • All forms are free at the visa center/embassy in Bangkok, but for some countries the sponsor needs to pick up some form(s) or document(s) at a local authority or in a bank (and they might charge a fee)