Legalization in Thailand

We do translation and legalization Thailand between Thai and English or between Thai and most European languages, whether it is business documents, private papers, or official certificates.

Just send us an email, and we can tell, whether we can do it or not. However, the fee for the translation Thailand between Thai and another European language than English might be a bit higher.

On top of that, we are also arranging legalization Thailand (verification) at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Thailand and at the relevant embassy in Bangkok. We do all the work, including going here and there, and sometimes several times.

Our firm has actual done translation and legalization Thailand of numerous of documents needed for or from Australia and most of Europe, mainly United Kingdom (England), Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, and Switzerland (Swiss).

Translation from Thai to English or English to Thai

We can translate any kind of document, certificate or paper from Thai to English and from English to Thai.

Documents to Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Embassy

Mostly, a legalization Thailand at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the embassy in Bangkok is for:

  • important business documents
  • a kind of corporate license
  • registration of marriage
  • marriage in Thailand
  • marriage abroad
  • family reunion
  • child adoption
  • investment
  • title deed.

How we work with legalization Thailand

  1. Initial, we need to evaluate the case.
  2. If we accept the case, we need our fee or at least a down payment.
  3. First, we will send power of attorneys to be signed.
  4. Second, or in the meantime, we will translate and wait for the original documents and power of attorneys.
  5. Third, we will bring the documents to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Thailand for legalization Thailand and to the relevant embassy in Bangkok for legalization Thailand  – or in reverse order according to the situation.
  6. When the documents are ready, we will send the documents with the translation and legalization Thailand by EMS to the agreed address.

Please make sure that the needed legalized documents would be accepted by the relevant governmental authority: Meaning that we receive documents about change of name etc. And that any name in the documents and power of attorneys are equal to the name in the passport.